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Szél a Marson, tehát sűrű a levegő, harmatcseppek a marsjáró lábán

NEW Mars anomaly fixed audio!

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Közzététel: 2016. okt. 24.

This is a brief look at some 'features' i found in 2015 from the NASA image PIA17766.

You can download the source image from the link below, i recommend downloading the .TIF format (17.42MB) for it's rich detail :

If you don't have a .TIF viewer you can download an excellent image editor/viewer here :

Átszínezett marsi tó.




 MARS • More and More Evidences and Proofs about Life on MARS! • Curiosity • My 44. Video

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Közzététel: 2014. aug. 17.

This Video was allready online, but, the Composer of the Musik which I have use for this Video comes now, partially after 1,5 Years and want Money or I have to accept the he put Advertising on my Video. His Licence was in the past free for all Videos. Its really unfair, but I have to accept it, or YouTube will close my account. I dont want Advertising on my Videos, so that You can see those without Advertising.
There are more and more proofs for further AND today life on Mars. Watch and make your own decision. 
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